T4G Wrap Up

18 04 2008

I’m back at school now, but the things I learned this week are still very fresh in my mind.  I can’t get over how amazing this conference was.  I’ve never sat under any teaching that has so radically changed my thinking.

It was after R.C. Sprouls message that it just clicked in mind how important the Gospel is in our lives and the implications and power it really has.  I’ve known all my life that the Gospel is important and that everything needs to be centered around it; but I was always more interested in the Epistles and more practical side of things.   I considered the Gospel to be the same old story I’ve heard since I was little, and the Epistles to be the meaty and more needful part of a Christian’s life.  I liked the list of do’s and don’ts.  In the past couple years, I’ve realized that it was a problem that I didn’t think the Gospel was that important, and it concerned me.  It was one of those problems, though, that I knew needed to be fixed, but I didn’t know how.

Praise God, after this week, the Holy Spirit has helped me understand and cherish the Gospel like I should.  The rest of the sessions were hard for me to sit through because all I wanted to do was start digging in to God’s Word and living out the Gospel.  I feel that my focus is towards the cross and I’m heading in the direction I ought to be.  It’s amazing to see already the affects that the Gospel is having in my life, and how it’s changing my philosophies in all areas.  There’s no committments I made to live more for God; I wasn’t even searching.  It was completely of God that He sought me out and revealed more of himself to me.

If you didn’t get to go this year, I would encourage you to mark your calendar for the next one in 2010, and start saving now if it was an issue of money because this conference, I have no doubt, will impact your life in a bigger way than you thought possible.

There’s other exciting parts of the conference that I’ll be writing more about later.  I also have a number of pictures that I’ll be posting, but I left my camera in the guy’s car that I was driving with; so I’m not sure how long before I get it back.

In the mean time, you can check out the T4G website, and look at their pictures from this year’s conference.



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