Band of Bloggers at T4G

17 04 2008

You’ll hear a lot about the main conference itself–T4G, but I want write about something that happened before the main conference even started. It’s called Band of Bloggers, and this years theme is the Gospel Trust. There were over 140 bloggers at this event, and it was a great time to actually hear and meet the bloggers who you always read about but never see.

We started out with lunch and meeting with the other bloggers. Then we had a panel of five guys who answered some moderated questions about their philosophies and problems of blogging. Then, they opened it up for us to ask them questions. The men included on the panel were: Tim Challies, Phil Johnson, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Abraham Piper.

I think the biggest lesson I walked away with was how I need to be less focused on getting as much traffic to my site as I can, and be more focused on putting out content that challenges and edifies believers.  Instead of posting for the sake of seeing my blog stats go up everyday, or putting up controversel issues that will attract people; I want to write about what I’m convicted about or what God’s teaching me and see God lifted up, rather than the numbers of visitors I have.

One big resolution that I’m implementing is praying and evaluating my heart before I hit the “post” button…………… I just did now.




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