Happy Blogger Appreciation Day!

14 04 2008

Today, Darren Rowse has declared today to be the unofficial “Blogger Appreciation Day.” I really like the idea and spirit behind the reason for this day. Darren puts it well in his article when he says:

We’re in it together, blogging is about collaboration and together going further than we can by ourselves – so why not help another blogger today by shooting them a word of encouragement, a pep talk, a congratulations, an idea to help them improve or some other positive constructive message. Better still, do it publicly on your blog and tell the world about another blogger who you appreciate.

That’s what I intend to do today, and I hope you consider doing it as well. There’s a lot of benefit and encouragement that I receive from other bloggers, and I think if we find it to have been a help in our lives, we should commend it and encourage those bloggers to continue in what they’re doing.

  • Between Two Worlds – I find these posts to be thoughtful and I really appreciate Justin posting about other things going on in the blogsphere and just keeping relevant and consistent.
  • Tim Challies – The thing I like most about Challies is the book reviews that he does, and the time he takes to read and give an honest report each book.
  • Worship Matters – I’ve learned so much from Bob and the wisdom he imparts about what the Bible says about worship and how we can apply that today.  I especially enjoy when he answers questions that people send in.
  • Regenerate Our Culture – Regenerate magazine has only been back up a few days, but when it was around in the past, it was really cool for me to see the dedication that these young people had to writing and the burden they carried with it.  I’m excited to see how God uses them as they’re back up now.
  • Boundless Line – This has been a very helpful site for me as a college student to read articles that are so applicable to today’s times, and there’s been a few times where particular posts were very influential and timely in my life.
  • The Rebelution – Alex and Brett are two guys that I am constantly amazed by, and it’s been cool to watch them from them from the beginning and see where they are now.  God’s using them in a powerful way, and I think they are the greatest example of there theme to “Do Hard Things.”
  • Joy Randazzo – This is my sister who is only 13, but felt she wanted to start a blog, and though she doesn’t write consistently, I’ve appreciated the maturity in the posts that she does write, and I’m going to encourage her to keep writing for the Lord.
  • Brandon Dyer – Brandon is a friend here at school, and we’ve had some great conversations together.  He’s just now started blogging, and he has some great thoughts and perspectives on life and the Bible.
  • [Re]Connected – This is a blog I use to write for and it’s headed up by my friend, David Ketter.  This guy has a great heart for the Gospel, and he’s definitely a theologian.
  • Girl Talk – A great blog that encourages women, and really sets a standard for them.
  • Radical Womanhood – I recently started reading this blog, and the same things goes for this blog as does Girl Talk.

So, I want to encourage all of you who write to continue and stay committed. I also want to express my gratitude to those of you who read this blog regularly and show your support by caring enough about what I write to read it.

Happy Blogger Appreciation Day!




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14 04 2008
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