Grasshoppers and Bibles

13 04 2008

I’ve pulled some pretty good pranks in my day, but by far, I’d say that today tops them all.  It all started last night when my roommate, Audrius (from Lithuania), came in quite disturbed after taking a shower.  He said that there was a huge grasshopper in his shower, and he couldn’t believe that something like that was in our dorms.

Well, that immediately sparked the thought in my mind to some day use that as a great prank.  Little did I know that opportunity would come so soon.  The next morning, in fact, as I was taking my shower, there on the floor was a large grasshopper; and the plot began.

I picked up the grasshopper and took it back to my room where I saw his Bible which had a case, so I slipped the bug inside the case so it’d be there when he opened it.  The plan was genius!

I had to leave for church right as he was waking up, which was a bummer.  When I got back from church, I took a nap and woke up when he came in the room.  I turned over and looked at him and completely had forgotten what I did until I saw his face and his two fists that started swinging at me.  After a well deserved beating, he told me the story of how it all happened.

Apparently, he opened his Bible and was bent down over it praying when he noticed something crawling out.  He said it took a couple seconds to realize that he wasn’t dreaming and he just shot back in his chair and started screaming.  He was paralyzed in his seat, and he woke my other roommate up who had to get out of bed and take care of the bug.

I literally was on the floor laughing so hard for at least 7min as I heard my two roommates retell the story.  If only I was there and had video taped this event; be sure I would’ve put it up on YouTube.

Well, I hope you found that as funny as I did, and it made you laugh.  Grasshoppers and Bibles…..who woulda thought?




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