Missions Conference – Day 5

11 04 2008

Today, the number of people has diminished significantly since yesterday because a huge snow storm was coming in, and the school made most of the missionary guests leave so they could make their flights tomorrow.

Though it was mainly students at the conference, we still had a guest speaker and a few workshops we were able to go listen to.  I went to one by Bill Phillips on “Discerning a Nation’s World View”, and it was really good to hear his experiences and learn how to immerse yourself in a country’s culture before and during a ministry there so you can be more effective.

This evening we had an Open Eyes presentation in our dining hall.  It was absolutely amazing!  I really hadn’t been involved as much in the planning of this meeting, and the person who was coordinating it did a tremendous job that completely exceeded my expectations.  The theme was Asian, and we made fried rice and green tea for everyone, and had a little singspiration and then had Dr. Freemont share his burden with us.

Overall, this missions conference has been good, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to serve in the ways that I have.  It’s also been a time of the Lord showing me even more clearly what ministry he wants me in.  Hopefully we’ll see great after-affects in the lives of the students.



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