Missions Conference – Day 4

10 04 2008

Today was good, I think.  It was hard to tell because I was so worn out from yesterday. Although, God did give me grace in the morning session where Bob Rutledge, missionary to England, spoke about evangelizing Muslims.  I really enjoyed it because Islam and the Muslim culture itself are very foreign to me, and to be able to get some insight as to what they believe was helpful.

I don’t know what experience you may have had with Muslims, but I worked with a one over Christmas break; and it was a challenge to talk to him because I was unfamiliar with where he was coming from on a lot of things.

Starting a couple weeks ago, the Lord’s started to lay a specific burden for Muslims on my heart, and this week has only strengthened that burden.  My eyes have been opened to the realization that Muslims are becoming ever more prevalent among us in the States.  I would encourage you to read up on Islam, and this is something I will be doing myself.

For something like this that is becoming so relevant, we need to be aware of what’s going on; and how to deal with this.  Not only should we be preparing our defense, but we need to be on the offense.  Not for, the sake that we may loose our American freedom or ways, but because we cannot allow ourselves to stand by and let another religion speak fallacies and darken the true light and glory of Christ.

This is it, we are at war, and it’s time to get off our fantasy lives and get down onto the battle field with our armor on, sword in hand, and voices shouting the battle cry!



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