Missions Conference – Day 2

8 04 2008

Today was another amazing day, especially for being a Tuesday. We had workshops today, and I went to Dan Grings presentation on “Visually Sharing The Gospel.” It was really interesting because he said that unlike Americans, he can draw a huge crowd on the streets just with a picture book or the wordless book. People from business men, to children, to the police.

Dan made a good point. So many people are visual learners and the Gospel is so simple. If we’re not willing to use picture books, what else is there to use to visually explain the Gospel?

For the morning session, we had Ryan Maness come to preach. He was a missionary in Russia until he was finally kicked out after several arrests. Now he has a special ministry in Turkey where he is witnessing to the illegal Turkmen who speak Russian. The Lord has been blessing his ministry, and he has seen a good number already come to know the Lord.

On a side note, the international meal for dinner was a Turkish dish. I don’t know what it was called, but it tasted pretty good.

In the evening service we had Major Ron Brooks speak about “In God We Trust.” He said something that I think was incredibly pointed, and I’d like to challenge you on the same point.

There are so many people that are not on the mission field, and for what reason? I think most of you would say it’s because you’re not called, but doesn’t God command all of us to go? So really, you should be attempting to go unless God tells you to stay. So how many of you have even considered the thought of going or even tried to go? Or are you just staying where you’re at because your mindset is one that doesn’t feel called to go?

I challenge you to pursue going, and only stay if God makes it clear that He wants you to stay. What are your thoughts on this? Would you agree? Do think most people have considered this, or would I be right in saying that most people are complacent with where they’re at?



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