Missions Conference – Day 1

7 04 2008

Probably one of the weeks here at school is our missions conference week.  The theme is “I Will Build My Church.”  Being a missions school, we tend to go all out.  Especially for me, this week fires me up like nothing else.  Also, having the positions I have here at school, this week keeps me pretty busy.

Today started out great!  The Open Eyes team was scheduled to sing in the morning service.  We sang, “Here I Am Lord.”  It went well, and despite a couple of my members loosing their voice and none of us having any real singing background, it sounded good; and people have been sharing that it’s been a blessing.  I just praise the Lord for that.

The service was really good.  A missionary friend of mine, Dan Grings, got up and shared his testimony of growing up in the Congo and facing the rebellions as a child that still continue today.  To hear a man who faced real persecution and certain death really convicts you to go all out for Christ, but it also is a wake up call to the reality of what us as students are committing our lives to.

Tonight was really good too.  They had a play on the life of William Borden which was extremely comical to watch some of my friends up there; it was also one of those times where God made it very clear what he wanted me to do with my life.  That in itself is another post that I’ll write about at the end of the week

The short challenge I’ve picked up today is the fact that there are billions of people breathing right now like you and me, all over the world; and they’re in need.  It’s a reality that often gets clouded in our minds.  The amazing thing is that you have the opportunity to be the messenger who can bring them help and hope.  It’s not about whether you feel “called.”  Do you have a heart?  Do you have any compassion?  Then go do something about it.  God’s not going to stop you from helping people and sharing the Gospel.

It’s just something to think on.  I’ve got more thoughts coming.  It’s only the first day of missions conference.




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