Family Writers

12 03 2008

I have to say, I’m impressed by my siblings and their talents that they’re beginningn541251873_419802_864.jpg to refine.  Take for example my sister, Joy, who is an amazing violinist and already is teaching at the age of 13.

n725900695_473997_3520.jpgThen there’s my brother, Jonathan, he’s 17 and also amazing at music and can play any instrument within a week.  He’s also quite the ladies man and an all-around cool guy.

The one thing that my brother and sister both seem to have in common is an strong spiritual walk that I never had at their age.  The wisdom and insight that they always excites and amazes me; and sometimes they express some of their thoughts through writing.  My sister already has a blog, and my brother just writes notes on Facebook; but I could definitely see them either writing a book or having an established blog that has a lot of readers.

I’m excited to see where God takes them, and though I’m far away from home, I’m enjoying seeing glimpses of them growing up.



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