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22 02 2008

This morning is one of those days for me where so much seems to be blocked out from my senses and I just sit back and think about life.  Today I’m just thinking about all things and people that I see walking by and at the same time examining my own life and my thoughts about them.

It’s been interesting to see how much sympathy and compassion I have for who I see.  Then I think back on my early days of high school and how I’d view that same person.   Back then it was all about me and I didn’t care about anyone.  Any “friends” that I had I viewed as resources and connections for my personal gain.  The things I would say about people even to their face and how I would treat was horrible; and now everything’s changed.

My heart pains for those who are pain.  It breaks for those who don’t care about God.  I befriend certain for the sole purpose of being a friend to them and that is the extent of my purpose.  What has happened to me that I have changed so drastically that I couldn’t even force myself to treat people the way I used to?

All I can say is that it’s a work greater than can be accomplished in any counseling room or lecture from a parent.  Those were instrumental, but ultimately all credit has to go to the great God that now reigns in my life.

This is just a small part of why I have reason to glory and praise His name.  The smile that I always bear isn’t just my personality; it’s an outflow of the deep joy I have in my God.  For any of you who find yourself in the same place I used to be, I don’t expect anything I say to cause a change in your life, that’s God’s work; but I just want you to know that life is so much more fulfilling when it’s focused others.

soli Deo gloria




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6 03 2008
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Very interesting and helpful post.
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