8 12 2007

 That’s what all the students at Bob Jones University are exclaiming as they left yesterday (a week early) to go home because of a certain whooping cough epidemic.  I’ve never had to deal with that situation, but I think I’d rather stay last week than have to cram 2wk of school into one.

There’s a chance that we might be the next school to get it.  Word has it that a staff member from down there is the only person who didn’t get the antibiotics, and he’s coming up here to visit his family this week, so we’ll see what happens there (I’m guessing nothing).    Anyway, this was just a random post because I’ve got friends at BJU, and it caught my eye when I saw it in the news today.

This is me reminding you that we live in a crazy world, but it won’t stay like this forever.

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