How to Blow up Pig Heads

8 12 2007

Step one, place the dead pig on a table. Step two, cut off the pig’s head. Step three, stick an air compressor hose into it’s cranium and turn on the air. Ta-da, both skull and brain will go flying everywhere.

Be careful, though, because those who do this on a regular basis are starting to feel a tingling sensation and numbness throughout their body. Yah that’s right, tests are showing that if you inhale some of that brain flying in the air, it messes up your nervous system permanently and it can even worsen after time. So, as cool as it might sound to blow up a pig’s head, you might want to think twice about it before you do; but if you decide you can’t resist, you might want to consider face masks.

This is me reminding you that we live in a crazy world, but it won’t stay like this forever.

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