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6 12 2007

I live in Knoxville, TN where we are neighbored by a city called Oak Ridge (aka “The Secret City). What most people don’t know is that Oak Ridge is really where the atomic bomb was built, and they still have active nuclear plants hidden in the woods. Well just a few days ago, security officials found a breach in their system where a hacker had gotten in and stolen all names, social security number, ect. from people who have checked into the labs from 1990-2004.

I personally found that pretty interesting just because I live around there. Also, as a side note, the Oak Ridge National Labs have the second biggest computer called “Jaguar”…..another cool fact.

This is me telling you that we live in a crazy world, but it won’t stay this way forever.

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7 12 2007

This is crazy! Where are you getting all this stuff? I guess I just need to be reading the news more. 🙂

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