Katrina Missions Trip – Day 4

11 11 2007

This is the last day, and when we got to the house, we started working extra hard to accomplish the goals we had set for our team.  I’m not gonna lie, it was a little risky moving around so fast with all those tools, but it was worth the hammered thumb, the razor cuts, and the drill-into-hand.

We were able to finish everything we set out to do at the last minute.  Well actually, the two carpenters and I stayed just a little longer to finish it up.  We got back to the center and showered, packed, and had lunch.

Then we were on our way all the way back up to the North.  Along the way we stopped for dinner at Wendy’s, and had some good talks and fellowship like always.  The rest of the time we spent driving through the night.  My shift was from 9:30pm to 3:30am.  I love driving at night because everyone’s sleeping, and it’s just a good time to think.

I got back to school at 8am, and walked straight from the car to class, which I still ended up being late by 10min (but I didn’t get any demerits).  I also didn’t feel/have time to change, so I went the whole day to classes in jeans and a hoody; it was nice.

Overall, the trip was really good.  I came away refreshed spiritually, and it gave me see life from some different perspectives.  The talks in the car were great, and so was the worship.  If we weren’t talking in the car, there was always music playing and we’d be singing to it.  So I’m really glad I went, and it’s amazing what kind of things God can do in your heart in just 4 days.




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29 11 2007
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