Katrina Missions Trip – Day 3

9 11 2007

Well we’re back up at the house this morning working away. The place we’re staying at is starting a church, but right now they’re only meeting in the evenings. So we just worked until evening. We were finally getting into the swing of things, and everyone was starting get faster at what they were doing. The work really seemed to go by fast today for whatever reason.

I went with my friend, Ken, to Lowes to pick up some more needed supplies. We made a quick stop at the Center on our way back, and Kenny popped the lid because the car was making noises. Ken was a mechanic for 20yr, so he took a look at it and found out that the water pump was broke. So he proceeds to take off the radiator cap while the engine is still hot so he could pour in some water.

We got back to the house eventually, and kept working on it till the evening. Then we came back to shower and get ready for the service. I was suppose to lead worship, but at the last minute they got this special music couple to come instead, which was interesting. They used a keyboard for their music which was midi, and they used sound affects on the keyboard to add to the music. Then they would start singing tunes from like the 60-70s, but the guy had written Christian words to them. It was definitely one of the most unusual programs I’ve seen, but for the older generation, they really enjoyed it. The message was good for what I heard when I wasn’t dozing off because honestly we were all so tired from all the hard work that we couldn’t stay awake.

We found out that it was one of the guy’s birthday today, so we got him a cake at lunch to celebrate.  Well, he decided he wanted to take us out into town to celebrate.  So we drove about 20min into a place called Gulf Port where we found this really classy Italian restaurant.  The birthday guy treated us to a bunch of really nice appetizers, and we just sat around for a good 2hr just talking and having a good time.  It was a little unorthodox for the birthday guy to celebrate his birthday by treating us, but it was still a good time.

We got back that night pretty exhausted, so we all went straight to bed.




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