Katrina Missions Trip – Day 2

9 11 2007

The first full day of my trip started with a run to the beach with some of the students from Princeton. We got up early so we could make it in time to see the sunrise, and we made it just a few minutes early. We waded out about 20ft into the water and just stood watching the sun rise……it was amazing! A few minutes after the sun had risen, we saw fins come up out of the water about 300yd out. We double-checked to see what it was because we thought it was a shark, but it actually turned out to be a dolphin. So we stood there watch it for a while, and just seeing the sun rise and dolphin made for a great start to the morning.

Well, I got back to the Center, and I had some breakfast and headed out with my group start on our house. Turns out we were going to be working on the mayor’s house for the weekend. Basically, the the three jobs we focused on was a little framing, a lot of taping and mudding the dry wall, and hanging sheet rock. We had two professional carpenters with us, and both of them were the guys I drove with, so I helped them with all the carpentry. It was great, we really got working, and they were just teaching me as we went.

We finished up at 5pm and headed back for dinner.  After dinner, we basically just sat around talking the rest of the night.  I went to bed pretty late, but all the fellowship has been really good for me because it was a much needed break.  We have to get up early tomorrow so we can get a head start on our work.




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