To Know Him

2 11 2007

The theme in my life that the Holy Spirit has been working on me is having compassion.  I really want this semester to walk away having been able to learn how to better care for people.  Well, through my seeking to show compassion, I’ve realized that compassion is only a byproduct of something.  That something is a personal walk with God.  So I started realizing that my walk with God wasn’t where it needed to be, and my longing for compassion turned into a longing for knowing God more.

I began to realize that I was so caught up in the work of the ministry that I forgot who I was doing the work for.  I also was at school knowing more about God, but I wasn’t taking it to heart and knowing Him on an intimate relationship.  So here I stand seeking to know the Him and the power of His resurrection.  I need to be concerned with that and press on in life; and my life will touch others on my journey and will naturally attract them to God, it’s not about all the stuff I need to be doing.  God does the work, all I’m called to do is know Him and see that I bring Him as much glory as I can.

Here I stand, persuaded that life is all about Christ.



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