Canoe Trip: Algonquin, Canada

1 09 2007

Well, I had a great two weeks before coming up to school.  The first week I went up to the Wilds Christian Camp to lifeguard for their family camp.  It was a lot of fun, and there’s a few good stories from that time; but you’ll have to ask me personally to hear about those.

On Friday morning I went to breakfast and sat with Mac Lynch.  He asked me what I was doing the next week, and I told him how our church was having missions conference.  Then he floored me with the next question by asking me if I wanted to go to Canada with him on a canoe trip that afternoon.  Apparently someone dropped out last minute, so I called my parents and got the ok.

I had no idea where I was going in Canada or what we’d be doing until we were about 30min from our destination.  Come to find out, we were going to a park called Algonquin Provincial Park in northern Ontario.  There were 8 of us guys; all current or former staff of the Wilds.  Mac’s brother-in-law was our guide, and he was pretty amazing.  He grew up in the jungles of Columbia, never spending any significant amount of time in civilization or having any education until he was 13; so this guy was a natural Tarzan.  He taught us how to really survive in the wild.

Some of the highlights would be:

  • Seeing moose, beavers, loons, and minks
  • Making trap, catching a squirrel, and eating it
  • Catching 20+ frogs and having those for dinner
  • Making huge fires and cutting down whole trees to make it
  • Feeling like I was in something you would see in National Geographic
  • Catching 3 lake trout that averaged 24″
  • Experiencing  eating  fish eggs, eyes, and brain
  • Hanging out with some really godly guys that made it a blast

Now I’m back at school, and classes start on Monday.  I’m excited about being back, and God keeps opening up more opportunities for me here.  I’m looking forward to a great year of growing and learning.



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