15 05 2007

Here’s another song that I wrote last semester. It’s an outflow of what God had been doing in my life, and the new security I was finding in Him.

Verse 1:
I am a strong tower, the rock on which you stand
I will be with you, sustain you in My hand
When sin besets you, then I will lift you up
And set you on a solid ground, upon this stable rock.

For I AM that I AM
Creator of the universe
And I AM that I AM
The Holy and all Sovereign One
This is who I AM

Verse 2:
I have redeemed you, My grace has set you free
I showed my love to you, through death at Calvary
Sin’s lost its power, the choice lies up to you
So take up your cross now, and I will see you through.


Verse 3:
I am returning, your work is not in vain
You’ll be rewarded for sacrifices made
When you’re discouraged, don’t let this thought escape
That it will be worth it all when you have seen My face.





2 responses

4 06 2007

I like that. Someday I should hear the music to it.

9 06 2007

Wow! I needed the reminder that my God truly is the I AM. I have heard people make comments that what I am doing with my life is a waste…..but thanks for that reminder that whatever I do in the will of God isn’t in vain.

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