Spring Break

31 03 2007

Well, I never thought I’d be coming back home until the end of my semester, but my parents called and said they had tickets for me to fly home for spring break.  I got really excited, and had a blast during that week.

 Just going to the airport was a lot of fun.  I had oppurtunities to witness to people in the airport and on the plane.  One lady was a Catholic, and she was really difficult to talk to.  Her whole reasoning was that everyone has their own interpretations, and we need to be tolerant of everyone elses.  Obviously, she didn’t mean interpretation, but she wouldn’t listen to my reasoning, and I couldn’t go much farther with sharing the Gospel because she wouldn’t tell me what her “interpretation” was.

When I landed in Knoxville, I had tears well up in my eyes for minute, just because I was glad to be home and thinking about what kind of love my parents have for me by buying a ticket so I could come home.  Well, I got off the plane, and met my family and we spent the next couple days hanging out together.

Some of the highlights that happened during the week would be golfing with my dad and brother.  None of us had picked up golf clubs in 6yr.  I used to be decent, but a lot changes when you grow up a couple feet and you’re still using your junior set of clubs.  I also did some projects like painting our garage doors and front of the house window frames and also doing some pressure washing.  On the weekend, my brother and I went backpacking in the Smoky Mt.  for a couple days which was amazing.  We really roughed it, which we enjoyed doing.  I also got to go out to lunch with a few friends and I also took my sister out on a date; so that was cool.

Overall, it was a good week.  I spent quality time with the family, and I feel like I really made good use of my time.  Now I’m back in the daily grind of school, and I have 7 more weeks left.  It’s all down hill from here.




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