Now that I’m in…

27 02 2007

It’s been a good 5 weeks here at Northland.  The classes are like fire hydrens, I can’t take it all in.  The friends I’m making are quality that I’ll have for a lifetime.  The life lessons I’m learning are changing me more into His image.  This sums up my life at school.

Never have I worked so diligently, and with such purpose.  I want to learn as much as I can about God, and I want to honor God and my parents through my efforts.  This also is my greatest struggle because I often loose focus of why I’m doing all of this.  I get caught up with trying to make the grades, and I loose all spiritual applications.  There’s definitely a balance involved, and I think it’s one of those that I’ll always be having to work.

A plus for this week is that it snowed about 12in., and we should be getting another 12in. at the end of this week.  I also got done with my busiest week for the semester last week, and this week’s load is only half of what it was last week.  We get a day off of school on Thur. because of day of prayer which will be nice.  Last, but not least, praise God, I still haven’t gotten any demerits; my parents are being honored.

Just remember, God is in the same God who led Israel for 40yr, who split the red sea, and did a great work in your life last week.  What’s going to change about Him this week?  Trust God!






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