Collegiate Status (Part IV)

22 12 2006

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is going well, and this Christmas season doesn’t have you too stretched out. I’m just writing this email to let all of you know where God is leading me in life right now, and how I’ve come to where I’m at.

About two weeks ago, I was having lunch with some friends, and the idea of me going to college (specifically Northland Baptist Bible College), next semester was brought up. It didn’t go any farther than that, but it was something I continued to think on. I went home, and talked to my parents about it the next day. They said they would pray about it, and a few days later they came back with their answer.

The answer was yes, and the decision was now up to me. My reasons for staying home were to earn some money, and most importantly, fix some relationships with my parents that had been torn apart during my rough teen years. I sat down with my parents again, and asked them if they saw change in my life, and if I was honoring them. They said they had, and how they had seen a brokenness in me that they’d been praying about for years.

Now that my purpose for staying home was fulfilled, I needed to move on to the next step. So I started getting counsel from other people, and not only were people telling me they thought it was alright; but that I needed to go. It was put best by one of my friends who said, “The time is short, Jesus comes soon…..get in there and get prepared. We need pastors, evangelists, teachers, and writers…..all [gifts] which need to be developed.”

So with no regrets, no looking back, and full confidence that this is the Lord’s will, I’m going to Northland next semester; which is in 4wk. My major will be Missions Aviation with a Biblical Languages minor. Right now, God seems to be leading me to do tribal missions in South America.

Your prayers are appreciated. There’s a definite time crunch to get things in order when you make last minute decisions like this.

There’s many ways to stay in touch with me. I have the links and descriptions below.

School address/email: TBA
Cell phone: (865) 776-6230
Facebook: like MySpace, only better; you need to register to see it, and I guarantee there’s someone you know well who has one, other than me
The Core: I’ll keep posting here as much as I can throughout the semester.

Have a merry Christmas everyone.

May God be glorified,
Andrew Randazzo




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