Lady Got Saved

27 11 2006

I have the most exciting news (literally).  Last Sunday while my youth group and I were having our nursing home ministry, a lady got saved!

The way it happened  was this, I had decided to let different people run the service to give them experience, and so I wouldn’t be the one always doing it.  Well, I decided to walk the halls, and talk to people who couldn’t make it to the service or didn’t want to come.  There was one lady who said she was waiting to go home, which obviously wasn’t happening, but I decided to talk to her because something about the way she was saying things didn’t sound right.  I told this was a really nice place to be, and she said she was really lonely.

Well from there I switched it over to the spiritual, and told her that Christ was her very best frien and she didn’t have to feel alone because He’s always there for her.  Then I asked if she knew she was saved, and she said yes.  I asked her what she was trusting in a few times during the conversation, but never once did she say give the right answer, which is that Christ died for her sins and now lives in heaven.  She told me she wasn’t Baptist, and by the answers she gave me it seemed like she was Catholic.

I started sharing the Gospel with her, and checking her answers with what the Bible says.  At the end I asked her one last time if she was saved, and her answer was “According to what you have shown me from the Bible, no I’m not”.  Then, of course, I asked her if she wanted to be saved, and her answer was yes.  I asked her to pray, and she prayed a short but very sincer prayer.

After she had prayed, we looked up at each other, and she had a smile on her face.  I gave her a hug and welcomed her into the family of God.  From there on her whole attitude was changed; no longer was she unhappy to be in the nursing home, and she had a desire to start reading her Bible (I got one to her a few days later).  She said something to the affect that I had brought back things she learned when she was a young that she hadn’t thought about in a long time or had forgetten.  She’s also wanting discipleship so she can grow and learn more.

I’m excited about a new program that is going to be initiated this upcoming time we have our ministry that is a cause of what happened with this lady.   By the way, her name is Jean Wolfe if you could pray for her.

Praise the Lord for how He has shown Himself powerful.



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