Let’s be a Donald

17 11 2006

What am I talking about!?!  Well, Donald was one of the window cleaners that worked for my dad.  Donald is a seventh day adventist, but his life was consumed with living for God.  Not a day went by where he didn’t talk to me about what God was doing in his life, or encouraging me to listen to a sermon he heard or read a book.  Now Donald has left the company to go on the road as an evangelist, but his impact is stronger in my life now that he’s gone.

You see, I can’t go a week at work without hearing multiple times from different people asking me where Donald was, then proceding to tell me how nice he was; and the one thing that stood out to me most was that when I told them he had gone into evangelism, they are never surprised.  It’s because Donald was passionate about his God, and he made it known to every person he came in contact with.  His faith was strong and evident through his family.  He had ten kids, I say had because he continues to have them, and yet he takes up the calling of an evangelist, which is not lucrative by any means in this world; and puts his trust in God to provide for him and his families needs.

How many people can atest to how nice we are; do they even know who we live for and what we claim to be?  I take a class at a community college where no one is saved, infact they make a mockery of God.  Up until a couple weeks ago, I don’t think any of them knew that I was Christian.  I’m finding it to be harder and harder to be everyone’s friend, and have a clear testimony of my life and take a stand when needed.

I know this struggle isn’t uncommon to anyone, but living for God is fake if it doesn’t make it past our own life or Christian circle.  We need to step it up a notch, and get over ourselves and fears.  To live is Christ, if we’re not living for Him, what’s the point?



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