The Adventure Weekend

12 11 2006

Last week was pretty exciting, it was the Teen Adventure Weekend at the Widls.  I was signed up as a counselor, and I was definitely looking forward to doing that for my first time.  My friend Robert had just gotten signed up a couple days before, so he was coming with.  My brother then got signed up the day before to do dishwash, yet another person.  As I was leaving the house the day of, it dawned on my mom that my sister was old enough to go as a camper, so off we go, one big happy family!

The counselors had a short meeting, and then we went to dinner where we got our campers.  I got four black guys, which I was pretty pumped about, then I got four more; come to find out later that two of the guys were in the wrong cabin.  My cabin was very diverse and segregated.  I had the black boys putting down the white ones, and the white boys making black jokes; they’d even sing the rendition “Jesus loves all the little white children of the world” when the blacks boys would go out of the room.  It was pretty crazy.  Then they’d play each other in basketball, which, by the way, is all they did on their free time from the minute they got to camp till they left; so that should cover my basketball quota for the year.

It was hard getting some one-on-one times with my guys, but when I did, I was really encouraged to hear that they all had tender hearts and were open to God’s leading in their lives.  Some of them were showing great signs of spiritual growth and maturity.  I even got to talk to some other campers who really stretched me in my counseling, but God came through and gave me the wisdom and right words that I needed.

The last night was probably the funniest time.  My guys were probably the craziest cabin that weekend, and they planned on pranking me that night.  I saw their stash of shaving cream and gel, and was in no mood for prank; I was so tired, it wasn’t even funny.  So I told them to all get in bed, and that it was lights out.  I turned out the lights and started to pray, and pray, and pray……20min. later, the cabin was sound asleep.  I smiled in satisfaction, and dozed off.  The next day, the guys asked me when I stopped praying, I just laughed and told it wasn’t after.

A good weekend, great experience, and a wonderful time seeing old friends.  It gave me taste of what counseling will be like when I do it for a whole summer, and I have a lot to work on before then.




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