The Perfect Church?

30 10 2006

They say if you’ve found the perfect church, then you don’t belong.  I was one of those people, but I didn’t expect to find a perfect church, just one that did everything the way I would.  Come to find out, there aren’t any of those churches either.  I haven’t been to every church there is, but as I’ve gotten to know people, I’ve found that everyone thinks just a little differently (kinda like no one snow flake is exactly alike).

One I’ve found, rather, is that in order to make a church the best it can be it takes prayer, submission, love for the church body…..and did I mention prayer?

There needs to be submission to authority realizing that God put them their, and when you complain about it, you’re ultimately saying that God isn’t perfect in the decision He made to put that person in that certain position.

Obviously no one is perfect, and with the right mindset, we ought to realize that we are the worst sinner.  No one is ever built up by criticism.  There can/must be admonition and rebuke, but it all must be spoken in truth and love (Eph. 4:15).  If we sit around complaining no work will ever get done, in fact it will only bring down those around us.  We must love others enough to want to see the best for them in their lives, and help them get there and closer to God.

Prayer, prayer, prayer…’s so imperative to the outcome of the church.  First there must be prayer for those set as the leaders who have an enormous responsibility for many people spiritually.  You have no ground to stand on complaining about someone when you won’t even help them in the simplest way by praying for them.  There also needs to be prayer for the body that it will become unified, with one mindset on Christ.  Finally, prayer must be directed for ourselves that we would not fall into the sin of complaining, and that our hearts would stay tender and submissive.  How can we ever learn anything through the preaching or partake in the corporate worship, if our spirit is not in the right place?

It’s so easy to complain, and think that the church could do better; but in reality, anything done by humans will never be perfect.  We must, instead, make the best of it, and realize it’s not about ourselves, it’s about God and the forwarding of His Gospel.  That’s so true for everything, whenever problems come into our spiritual lives, it’s because we’re focusing on ourselves instead of God and what He’s called us to do.

This is from “the core” of my life, now answer the call.





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