the Lord Giveth…and the Lord Taketh Away

28 10 2006

I’m reminded of this very principle through two instances that have happened within the past 24hr. involving my cell phone which I just got a week ago and had to pay retail for (expensive). The first was while I was working on my phone’s file system trying to override a few restrictions, and I lost my entire contacts list. The second was when my mom shoved me, I pumped into a metal pole, and got a pretty big scratch on my front screen.

Almost immediately after each incident, I was reminded of the fact that God is in control of everything. Nothing I “possess” is really mine to begin with, and when you think of it that way something like getting your screen scratched or loosing contact with all your friends shouldn’t matter because it happened out your control, and therefore reasoning would suggest that it was a will of God.

To make it more understandable, it’s like someone letting you borrow something of theirs that cost them, say $200. You wouldn’t be as cautious with that item as you would if you had bought it yourself; that’s just our selfish human nature. Only that’s the attitude we should have when dealing with “our” possessions. We shouldn’t be so wrapped up in what happens to things from circumstances out of our control; that’s not to say we shouldn’t be good stewards of what God’s given us, though.

Everything in life, including our own, is a blessing from God. We deserve nothing, and the only thing He owes us is death. At first I was angry at my mom for what she did, but as I began to think of it, she didn’t mean to do it; she was only being used by God to teach me a lesson. Now I proudly wear my phone, I don’t care what it looks like (vanity), and praise be to God, I managed to retrieve my contacts list.

This is from “the core” of my life,




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