This Past Weekend

16 10 2006

What do obstacle courses, preaching too long, farms, old people, burning creamer, and road trips have in common? Well, they all happened this past weekend.

On Friday I hopped in one of the two 15-passenger vans, and headed with my youth group to Greenville, SC where we were going to Farm Fest the next day. We stayed at Calvary Baptist Church of Simpsonville. I think the highlight of that night was going outside with my two friends who I brought, and we burnt creamer. You can check out the video below.


On Saturday we were up bright and early; it was also pretty chilly. When we got to the Farm we were greeted by some hearty Bob Jones students; ah…Bob Jones. We got registered, and saved some front row seats under the big tent. I spent most of the morning catching up with some friends. After that we had some volley ball games that the guys group actually did pretty good at up until the third game, then we fell apart, but it was fun while it lasted. We did, however, brake the record for one of the games where all of us guys had to pile onto a small platform without falling off. You can see pictures of that and more at my
pic site; the password is lifeischrist.

On Sunday I had all the teens over to my house for the nursing home ministry that afternoon. I went earlier to help with another churches service, and the rest came later. Inbetween the services I had an oppurtunity to witness to a lady who was Catholic. She kept asking when were going to have mass, and where the priest was. I tried explaining to her that the Bible did not support these ideas, and was showing her verses, but she would lie to me and say she couldn’t hear me, even though I was practically yelling in her ear, and she didn’t seem to have a problem hearing one of the soft spoken girls. It was said because she said she didn’t care what I said, and that she was a proud Catholic; it amazed me to see someone who based her faith on a religion and not on the Bible, which the Catholics supposedly believe in.

I preached that afternoon out of Ps. 51, and spoke on being a man after God’s own heart. It was undoubtedly the best message I had ever preached, and God seemed to really use it. Although, I did go for over half an hour, I didn’t seem to loose anyone’s attentiveness.

What a weekend…and then some. I was completely exhausted after it was over, but it was still good. Another busy weekend is coming up this week, I’ll keep you posted.




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