Three Weeks Into Camp

24 06 2006

I’ve just finished up my third week here at camp. It’s amazing as each week goes on to see how much work goes into making a camp run. Campers come to have a good time, but are totally unaware of what people have to do to give them that good time. I work a lot behind the scenes, and I really like it because it doesn’t give me an oppurtunity to become proud in front of other people.

It’s really weird working here because just a year I was camper, but now I work here instead coming for a week of camp. A lot of times I don’t realize that camp is going on. I think it’s because as a camper they get the whole camp experience and see and do everything that the camp has to offer, but I only one part of camp which is the lake. Anyway, I’m really enjoying it, and I’m so thankful that God placed me here as a lifeguard.

This past week I really saw how my efforts mean nothing, and that only God can change a person’s life. The first two weeks we had Tom Farrel preach, and I got to see almost the whole camp change, but this past week there was only a handful of campers who made decisions. Everyone else were very apathetic and camplacent Christians, and it was discouraging to me to see that. God taught me, though, that I need to trust Him that His Word will not return void and that it will prevail.

So far I’ve had some very exciting things happen on the job. The first couple weeks I had to rescue a good number of people. Mac Lynch (one of the music people here), broke his nose while playing water basketball. We had three emergencies on a hike to the fourth falls where we had to call the ERT (emergency rescue team), and another hike we had to call them again because multiple people were being stung by bees and some were allergic. There’s so many more stories, but I don’t have time to write about them all.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed being here; I’m learning a lot. I get just as much out of camp, if not more, as the campers do, and I get to be here for ten weeks.

Be sure to pray for the CITers (campers in training), I’m not going to go into a lot of details, but pray that God will do a work in their hearts and that they’ll leave camp with a desire to grow and serve God.

May God be glorified,
Andrew Randazzo




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