Father & Son Retreat (The Wilds)

11 05 2006

It was such a blessing being able to go to the Wilds with my dad and brother. I hardly see them anymore, let alone spend time with them. So it was nice just getting away from the norm here, and spend time with my dad especially, just talking with him.

Not only was that a blessing, but also the fellowship I spent with some of the people at the retreat was great. I first got to spend a good bit of time with Dan Brooks (program director) and his son Eric who are good friends of mine. We got to play a game of basketball, go on a hike, and just talk. I also met the Blahas, whom I got to know particularly, Ricky and Josh. There were many oppurtunities that we got to talk about all sorts of things, and it was just a great time of Christian fellowship.

Aside from all that, God taught me a lot of lessons that have really made a change in my life since I’ve come home. I think the general thing is that I got a better view of what Christian fellowship is all about and how to go about it.

Overall it was a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to spending the summer at the Wilds.

May God be glorified,




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