What It Means To Live For Christ

28 03 2006

Last Sunday our youth group was doing a teen service that night. It’s where the teens do everything that goes on in church like leading music, playing piano, ushering, ect. Well, my youth pastor asked me and two other guys to preach, which was an answer to prayer.

Since December, the Lord had really been working in my life, and showing me what it really means to live here on earth. Since then, I’ve been meditating over Phil. 1 & 2. God really laid it upon my heart to preach a message to the whole church, but I didn’t know how I’d get that oppurtunity. That’s where my youth pastor comes in, and was the answer to prayer.

I worked on my message a lot, and I was still making revisions to it an hour before I had to preach. This isn’t the first time I’ve preached, but it’s the first time I’ve really put in some serious hours to prepare to speak. I was only preaching for 10min, but I think that’s more challenging because of the way you have to make each sentence count. The Lord also taught me that even if it was 10min, He was the one working in lives, not me.

I’m putting the link for anyone who wants to listen to the sermon. Like I said, I really want to share this with everyone. Here’s the What_it_Means_to_Live_for_Christ.mp3.

May God be glorified,




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