You Never Thought It Could Happen To Someone You Know

3 03 2006

A couple weeks ago, my dad sat me down and told me that one of my uncles who lives in Caracus, Venezuela had been killed the night before. As I listened to the story, I couldn’t believe everything that I was hearing. The story goes like this: my uncle was taking my aunt out on a little gettaway for the weekend. He was at the hotel they were going to stay at, and he went out to his car to get some money. As he was going out, two men came up to him and one of them put a gun up to his head and shot him. They stole everything he had, and were able to get away. My aunt heard the shot and ran out to see her husband laying on the ground.

They had his funeral the next day, and from what I heard, it was a really big turn out. He was a very well known man, and had many friends. My aunt contacted his cousin who works in the police department, and he started investigating everything. A couple days later my uncle’s boss was murdered as well.

They began looking into things and finally figured it all out. My uncle’s boss was part of a big laundering operation. Which means people sell things in America and have the American money turned into their own currency. So my uncle’s boss was aware of what she was doing for these people, but we’re not sure if my uncle did or not. Well, the boss decided to stop doing what she was doing, and the big man behind the operation contacted a crooked police man to find a couple thugs to do his dirty work and kill my uncle and his boss.

Well, they found the two killers, and the police man, but the big man behind it all is still at large. We really need everyone’s prayer for a few things. One is for all the family members, two is the fact the one of the children is mentally retarded and they’re now having a hard time taking care of her without two adults, and three is that they will catch the man behind all this. I don’t think my uncle was saved, which is sad, but there’s still hope for the rest of the family, so please pray for them.

May God be glorified,



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