It Was Weird

7 02 2006

Last week had to be one of the weirdest weeks in a long time. So many things happened, there were at least significant to me. What they were is partly private and partly too much to put into words. What I want to share is what God taught me through all of it.

God teaches me new things or reminds me of truths everyday. So when all these things started happening, I was trying to search out what God was teaching me. By the end of the week, I was feeling very tired, confused, and hadn’t learned anything yet. I started listening to music, because music soothes my soul, and I started listening to the words of one of the songs. It said that life is full of confusion, and darkness clouds the way, but we will stay anchored to the Rock and press on. And just like that, it hit me. Here I was looking at all this stuff circling around me, and I wanted to find out what God was teaching me right at that moment; but God knows what He’s doing and when He wants to teach me. What I needed to be doing was clinging to God who is unchanging in the midst of all the things swirling around me and press on towards the mark, and know that when God is ready, He’ll teach me what He wants me to learn.

Now, I don’t believe that that was the only lesson God wanted to teach me from last week. I think there’s going to be some huge lessons learned from all that stuff, and I don’t think last week was the end of all my craziness; but I’m not going to worry about, but instead press forward towards my high calling.

May God be glorified,
Semper Fi




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