First Week On The Job

28 01 2006

Well, the first week of my new job at Cracker Barrel is over. It was really fun learning everything. I have a whole new outlook on how resturants run. This whole past week I was in training, and I’d basically follow a specially trained server and wait tables while she would stand next to me to be there if I needed any help.

I made some really good friends already. There’s two guys from Crown College who are waiters also, and they ususally work the same hours I do. They’re both getting there Pastoral Major. It’s so encouraging to have fellow brothers that I can fellowship with. I’ve also had the oppurtunity to witness to a couple people for a quite awhile; you could pray for those people as I talk to them more.

All in all, this was a great week. I worked 35hr. in the past four days, and since I don’t have much school, it works really nice. Normally, though, I’ll be working 15-20hr a week.

May God be glorified
Semper Fi



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