“Country Fresh”

15 01 2006

On Monday I was out handing in applications at Steak ‘n Shake and Cracker Barrel. During my devotions I had prayed that God would give me a job, and that he would make it clear where he wanted me to be. At Cracker Barrel I filled out my appication and went to hand it back in at the front desk and the general manager was standing there waiting for me. She took my application and resume, and without looking at it asked me if we could talk. Of course I said, “yes,” and we sat down at one the tables. She doesn’t even look at any of my personal information, but flips over to my previous work experience and asked if I liked what I was doing. Then she flips the application over and asks what hours I can work, I tell her, she gets up and says she’ll be right back. She comes back with a piece of paper in one hand and a girl in the other. She has the girl model the uniform to me while she writes some things on the paper. She hands the paper to me and says, “bring the things I wrote down here and come in uniform Monday at 9am looking country fresh. We’ll see you then; oh, by the way, what’s your name?,””Andrew,” I said. So, I was there all of 15 minutes and I got the job, but I didn’t even realize what happened until I got into my car. I’d say God was pretty clear there on where he wanted me to work, and the manager gave me the night shifts; I praise God for all that.

May God be glorified,
Semper Fi




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12 01 2008

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