Happy New Year!

5 01 2006

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with family and friends, I know I did. The after Christmas my family and I decided to make a trip up to Wisconsin to visit my Grandparents. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with them. Not only was I able to be with my Grandparents, but I was able to get away from my busy life here in Tennessee which was nice because it allowed to spend time with God.

I’ve never felt so close to God before. I was able to spend hours a day just reading the Bible and other christian literature. It was also nice because I had my Grandpa, who is a pastor, to talk to about what I was learning. My Grandpa and I would sit in his office doing our devotions together and just reading books and sharing what we were reading. My week up in Wisconsin was an incredible time of growth and revival in my life. It was almost like going to camp or being on a missions trip except even better! Now that I’m back I’m ready for this New Year of ’06. I’m excited to see God continue to work in my life and those that I come in contact with.

May God be glorified
Semper Fi



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