Poor Little Me

17 12 2005

<span style=”font-family:arial;”>My life is so hard. No one could possibly understand what I’m going through. God has really been trying my faith and I’m hanging on with all my might. I’m not getting a lot of sleep and I’m so tired. That’s why I’m not being able to live for God the way I should. I’m so busy, today I’ve been out of the house doing things from morning till night. Don’t you feel sorry for poor little me?

Up until last week, I really wanted sympathy from anyone I could get it from. I would whine and just make things in my life seem so much worse than they really were. It wasn’t until during my whining that I got the some of the sympathy that I so enjoyed getting. For the first time, I realized what I was doing. I was complaining about my situation to people, but not only that, I was causing people to pray for me and spend time talking to me about things that weren’t really an issue; I only made it appear that way. Just like everything else, the root of this was self. I wanted the attention, and I knew that Christians especially were good at comforting those in “need” like me (sarcasim).

Really, the main reason I wrote this was for you to read it and be aware of what I was doing. Please let me know the next time you hear me whining about my problems. My God is good and I know He will not allow anything to tempt me beyond what I can handle. Therefore, knowing this, I should have no reason to complain.

Semper Fi,




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