Collegiate Status (Part III)

17 12 2005

I just had another talk with my parents at the beginning of the week. What was discussed and decided is basically going to be the final decision. What was really nice was that my parents and I agreed on the decision made whole heartedly. I think God is changing my parent’s hearts some because I don’t think they would’ve agreed to some of the same things as they are now.

It was decided that next semester I will be finishing my physics class along with taking economics, a Bible class (possibly a college correspondence course), and possibly a computer class at the community college. Now, if you remember from the last “Collegiate Status,” my parents said that I wouldn’t be taking any courses at the college, but there’s one of the things that they’ve changed their mind about. I will also be working a lot during the next school year. Both as a window cleaner and hopefully a waiter (if I can get the job).

During the summer I am still free to do whatever I want. The possibility of a long-term missions trip is still being contemplated, and working at the Wilds is also a possibility. For the most part, if one falls through, then I’ll do the other one. If both would work out, then I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

For the Fall semester of 2006, I will be working a full time job(s). I am still planning on taking some college level Bible classes. I really don’t want to take any from Crown College. It looks like my parents are going to let me take some correspondence classes from Bob Jones University (BJU). I’d much rather do that, the biggest reason being, that it would allow me great time flexibility.

Now, for the Fall semester of 2007, we’re still not positive where I’ll be going for college. My parents have now changed their mind some about BJU, and there is a possibility of going to BJU for my first year so that I can study piano and voice. BJU happens to be one of the top music schools in the country. Then after my one year there, I’d like to go to Northland Baptist Bible College because I’ve heard so much about how good their Bible program is and I’ve met some of the people from their, and they’re just incredible. Also, I like the fact that it is solely a Bible college, which means that everyone there has the same focus and desire.

Really quick, I also plan on getting at least my M.A., and if I feel I want to further study Bible I would go for my M. Div. Then it’s off into the Military reserves as a Chaplain, and hopefully as my civilian job, I’d like to travel with an evangelistic team. That way I get a taste of both, and I’ll get a better feel for where God wants me.

That about wraps it up. I’d appreciate your prayers.

May God be glorified,
Semper Fi!




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