Thanksgiving In DC

4 12 2005

As you could probably tell by the title, my family and I went to Washington DC for our Thanksgiving. We don’t have any family, we just wanted to do some sightseeing. For me and my siblings it was the first time.

There was so much to do, and we were running around like crazy from Thursday-Sunday. We hit all the really popular sites such as: the Lincoln Memorial, the National Monument, White House, National Library, National Archives, Smithsonian, and Arlington Cemetery. All the places were so incredible. I really liked seeing some of the places that you always see on tv or pictures. My two favorite places would have to be seeing the changing of the guard and the Nation Library.

Below are some pictures of my trip with descriptions.

The National Monument

The Capital building

The Washington Memorial (taken from the national monument)

The Reflection Pool (taken from the national monument)

The Lincoln Memorial (taken from the national monument)

The readers room in the National Library

The Supreme Court

Lincoln…in the memorial…under construction

Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider

Guard being inspected by Sgt. during changing of the guard

The White House




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