My Great Week

7 11 2005

This past week has been crazy wild. I’ve been so busy studying for my ACT the whole month of October that I didn’t have time to do anything else. Finally my ACT day came and I got it over with; we’ll see what the my score will be. The following week was still busy because I had a lot of catching up to do in things and I was trying to get back on track. Well, finally, the week after that I got my much needed break. Starting on Friday I got to have senior pictures done outside, and it was just some incredible weather. Then on Saturday I went to a friends house where we had a fall fellowship with a few other families. That was especially fun because some of my best friends were able to come to that. Then on Sunday I went to a friend (the pastor) of mine’s church because he wanted to meet my family, and he also wanted my siblings and I to play some special music for them. Afterwards we went outside to play some football and have an old style cookout. On Monday I went to a another friend of mine’s church to hang out with him because his church was doing a huge outreach ministry called Trunk ‘o Treat. They always do it on Halloween, and it’s all different people from the church who bring their cars and decorate them and have candy in the trunk to hand out to the people who come by. So, it was a lot of fun hanging out there, then I went to his house to play some games with him, and that ended the night. The rest of the week went well and it was rather easy. On Saturday I went to the Naval base to drill with my unit. We practiced for hours on color guard; my feet were incredibly sore. Then I went straight from drill to our biggest teen activity called Manhunt. Manhunt is where we are split up into 2 teams and one team hides in this huge lot of woods and the other team has to go find them. It was a long but fun day; I was out running around from 7am-11pm. On Sunday it was back to drill for a few more hours of grueling color guard practice, but our hard work was beginning to show. Then we had martial arts training for 2 hours; that was a lot of fun. If you didn’t know a move that the instructor was talking about then he would have you come up and demonstrate them on you. I got a few marks and have a few sore spots. I learned a lot though and I’m going to study up so that I’m ready for the next time. A great week, can’t wait for the next!

Semper Fi!




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