Grandpa’s Kidney Transplant

4 11 2005

Well, my Grandpa went into surgery on Wednsday for a kidney transplant. Since last summer when he came to visit our family, he got sick and it continued to progress. At first they found prostate cancer and treated that. Then, they found that his kidneys were barely functioning and had to put him on a machine that did the work of the kidneys. Obviously it was very expensive and the best option was to get a transplant. Well, after going through many tests and so forth. A man in his church came up to him and said he was willing to give him one of his kidneys. Well on Wen. they had the surgery and everything went great. My Grandpa feels so good and has very little discomfort. The man who gave him the transplant is in great pain, though; he should be better by tomorrow.

Praise God for allowing my Grandpa to get the transplant he needed.




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