Collegiate Status (Part II)

29 10 2005

Today my parents sat down with me and counseled me in what they wanted me to do as far as college. They said that they want me to finish high school next semester and not take any college courses. Instead they want me to take what they call “life enriching courses” such as, culinary arts, construction, auto mechanics, ect. Then, during the summer I’m free to do whatever I’d like whether it be going to camps, or going on mission trips, and so on. Then come the fall they want me to stay at home and work almost full time while taking 2-3 classes at a nearby Christian college called Crown. They’d like me to take some basic courses that can transfer to whatever college I’ll go to after that.

With all that being said, here’s my input on all this. I really don’t approve of any of the decisions my parents made. If you compare their ideas to mine in the previous Collegiate Status you’ll see we have two very different plans. Even though I strongly disagree with them, I want to follow the Lord’s will, and one of the easiest ways to know God’s will is by honoring your parents. I’m still struggling with having the right heart attitude about it, but I know that’ll come with time.

My parents said that if I want I can prepare and present my reasons to not want to do what they’ve counseled me in. They also said that all they’ve given me is counsel and that the decisions are up to me. That really doesn’t mean much though because their counsel is what they want to see happen, and therefor I have to honor that. So, I’ll just go along with what they want and trust that God is ultimately in control.

In the room they have given me the oppurtunity to decide on how I’ll spend my time during the summer, and I will take every oppurtunity of it. Originally I had been planning on going to some military camps and so on during the summer, but just recently God shut the door to that possibilty. So it got me thinking about why He did that and what he wants me to do during the summer. There’s only two options that come to mind right now, and that is eigther working at a Christian camp or going on a long-term missions trip. They also don’t mind which college I decide to go to eigther. I’ve decided not to go to Bob Jones at all, and just do all four years at Northland. I’ll major in Bible Comprehensiveness, and minor in Biblical languages/counseling/evangelism.

As I was watching a Biblical counseling class, God really spoke to me about something. This whole time I’ve been focused on getting the best education possible and taking all these Bible courses so that I’ll be the best trained that I can be. But God showed me that my focus is all off and that I can take all those courses but be completely missing the point, and that is that I need to focused on worshipping God rather than worshipping a “godly” education. I’ve become thankful that I’ll be able to take a couple courses next year because I’ll be able to learn about God. Even if it’s not the best Bible college, I know I’ll learn something, and it beats not being able to take any and having to work all that year.

God’s really teaching me a whole lot. He’s teaching me patience, honoring my parents, worshipping Him, and to look for the silver lining (to put in basic terms). I’m beginning to get excited for what’s in store.

This is from “the core” of my life,
Semper Fi!
Andrew Randazzo



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