The Great Mouse Hunt

24 10 2005

Ok, it’s Sunday morning, and the orchestra was putting their instruments away, when all of a sudden we see this mouse running in the hallway. The mouse was so weird because it had back feet like a rabit and hopped instead of running; so we called it the rabbit mouse. Well, it ran into the room where the kids were having children’s church. All of us guys ran into the room, and everyone was looking at us, but we didn’t pay any attention to them because we’re trying to find this mouse before any of the little girls found. Well, we couldn’t find it so we left the room with everyone in it very confused as to what was going on.

We’re all upstairs in the lobby waiting to go into the service, when one of the guys says the mouse is back in the hallway. We all run back downstairs and chase it into this small room. We cornered it, and I picked it up and wrapped it in a plastic bag. At first we were going to leave it there and suffocate it, but then we decided to let it live for a couple hours and feed it to my brother’s snake when we got home. So, I started to unwrap the plastic to put it in a container, and the mouse just sprung out and landed on the church’s kitchen counter. It was jumping all over everything; it couldn’t have been any less sanitary. Then one of the guys got a bright idea and took a pitcher and put the mouse in that; we’re like, “what are doing, now we have to throw the pitcher away and it’s not even ours”. So after we all took turns looking at this thing, I took it upstairs with me and put it in the soundroom.

After church we’re carrying this pitcher everywhere, and little do all the ladies know that there’s a mouse in their presence. The whole youth group just happened to be coming to our house that day because we have a nursing home ministry that we do. We all watched as this the snake and mouse were crawling all over each other. Finally the snake took it, and all you could see was this mouses feet twitching. It was very entertaining because we’ve never fed the snake a live mouse. It’s always a frozen mouse.

That was my Sunday, and quite memorable.




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