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19 10 2005

First of all, I’d like to say how much I love the word collegiate. I wish it could be used more widely. Now to the topic sentence of this blog. Where and what should I go and do for college?

I’ve always felt called to the ministry. I’ve considered everything from going to Japan as a missionary to starting a christian camp on a farm. I finally realized in my freshman year of high school what talents God had given me and where he wanted me; it was the work of evangelism. It’s something I’ve never doubted since. Now, this past spring, my attention was taken to the military. I’ve always had an interest in the military, but it was always out of the question because I was too young. Then one day I realized that I was old enough to join, and the possibilities just started flying around in my head. The one thing that never crossed my mind was becoming a chaplain. It wasn’t until my mom suggested me considering the military as my carreer, that the idea dawned on me. As I began looking at different branches, I settled upon the Marines because I always try for the best at anything. Now, I haven’t given up on the evangelism, but so far I don’t feel anything wrong with the way I’m headed. If God were to put a blunt stopper in my path I would humbly accept it and go into evangelism with just as much zeal.

Now, with all that being said, whichever way I go I will still do the same preliminary work. By that I mean, I will still plan on majoring in Bible and minoring in counseling. Then it’ll be off to seminary where I’ll get my added training. So everything is planned out except one thing…….which college will I choose. My friends will tell you that I’ve always been obsessed about Bob Jones University, but lately I don’t care what college it is. All I care about is that I get the best possible teaching. Bob Jones is a great college, but I want a place more focused on the Bible/ministry such as Maranatha, Northland, or Masters because I all the people there are planning on going into the ministry of some sort.

Since I am done with high school this semester except for an easy physics class that I take once a week, I will be starting college next semester. I hope to get some of the basic courses out of the way like English, History of Civ, and any others by doing correspondence courses and attending a community college. I would like to go to BJU for my first year because my parents want me to be close to home and there are some classes that are unique to BJ that I’d like to take. So, I need to pick out the courses I want to take and make up my Freshman year; I’ll already have a lot of my classes done before then anyway. Then after taking certain classes such as Music/Youth Ministries, Pulpit Speech I & II, Ministry and Media, and a couple of the normal Freshman classes, I’d transfer to one of the other 3 colleges I mentioned above. I just have to work it out so that the college I transfer into accepts all my credits, and that I will pretty much have transferred over a whole years worth of credit so that I will only have 3yr remaining at the second college. It’s going to take an incredible amount of research to plan this all out, but I’m anticipating an impecable education if it all falls in place. The only thing standing in my way is my undecisiveness on which college I’m going to transfer to. That’s going to be a big factor in me deciding what classes I’m going to take at BJ and which ones will transfer and which ones won’t. I’ll keep this subject up to date as things progress.

This is from “the core” of my life,



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14 04 2009

Andrew all the colleges you mention are excellent and God can use any of them to advance your preparation for service to our Lord. Since the Chaplaincy is a goal you might consider Maranatha a little more closely. They have an active ROTC program and the ROTC has programs to provide robust scholarships. They even will support you through the M.Div level. In addition keep in mind that Maranatha has all the classes you identify and they are taught unapoligetically from a Baptist/Local Church perspective. Some Christian Colleges do not even let most of their students attend a real church on Sunday morning. Of course if you are not Baptist maybe a non-denominational setting would be more natural. Maranatha has a New Media Minor that works well with the Biblical studies program. That is a hot combination for 21st Century ministry. Regardless Andrew any of the colleges you are looking at are good choices. I just thought if the combinations of Baptist+scholarships+military+ministry puts fire in your belly that Marnatha might be worth a second look. John

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